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 Prestige Kings County
Prestige kings county
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Prestige Kings County Master Plan

The prestige Group You can get the details of the grand project, The Prestige Kings County in its master plan which tells about the layout of the site. This place is in the southern zone of the city in the Rajapur area. The skillfully built project is spread over 80 acres of land. This place is the best example of a modern-day engineering style by the prestige group.

You can get many plots with different dimensions and variations in sizes. Our project can easily fulfill every need of our customers. You can easily find the home of your dream here. This project is the best place if you want a full modern-day luxury life.

You can get different-sized plots like 30x40, 30x50, 40x60, and 50x80 sq ft from the set of 800 well-developed plots. The size of the land is suitable for your overall needs. We have used the world's best resource in the making of this project. This site has a non-stop water supply for a particular time. Some more services offered here are street lighting and underground cable and pipe systems.

Our plots are designed according to the laws of Vastu and are covered with beautiful trees and streets. The region around each home is covered with greenery and a lot of open spaces. Elements of design and water features make this place more beautiful and an ideal place to have a home in.

As the whole area is constantly monitored with CCTV cameras this place becomes more safe as a home. For further security, a properly trained team of security guards will always be there. They will look after every person and vehicle entering and exiting from that place.

The details of the layout are shown in the master plan of Prestige Kings County. The design of the site has been planned very carefully it also includes a special area for senior citizens. They have their own private place to socialize with each other. Our site also has a special play area for children where they can interact and play with others for hours.

The young generation needs their houses in beautiful and quiet areas. For fulfilling this need we have built houses in the most perfect place in the city. With each and every single detail this place has become more luxurious and beautiful, and here you can have the best experience of living a luxurious life.

This place is situated in the best city in the country. We have provided everything which you can use as entertainment or if you want to fulfill your daily needs. It is designed to provide you with every need of a modern luxury residence. The services provided within the site enhance the beauty of our project.

We also have many high-class facilities which include a clubhouse, a huge gymnasium, and a well-designed swimming pool. Our site has many game rooms and sports facilities with all equipment in need, if you are living here you can take part in many activities. All these ideas are in several large green spaces located on the master plan.

Everyone living here can get easy access to all of these facilities. Parks and gardens in this area help to maintain a peaceful and beautiful environment. Our fully planned project has lots of modern features and these make our site an eco-friendly space. We have different waste disposal equipment to keep our place clean.

We also have a rainwater tank to collect rainwater. This gives most of the benefits to our site. The best-skilled workers built the best building with high-quality materials. This project is designed in such a way that it suits and fulfills every aspect of a modern-day luxury lifestyle.

You can get every single detail in the master plan of the project. It shows every location and the services across the site. You can review our masterplan which will help you to choose Prestige Kings County as your first choice.

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