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A cost sheet is an all-inclusive document that lists all of the expenses related to a specific project and gives a thorough breakdown of all of the costs incurred throughout its execution. It is essential for effectively managing financial aspects. Here's why a cost sheet matters so much in the real estate industry:


  • Allows for precise budgeting by classifying expenses for things like building, labor, supplies, permits, and overhead.
  • Aids in project cost estimation and helps keep budget overruns to a minimum.

Decision Making:

  • Helps make well-informed decisions by pinpointing places where costs can be cut and cost drivers.
  • Aids in project managers' task prioritization according to cost-effectiveness.

Resource Allocation:

  • Helps ensure that resources are allocated as efficiently as possible by pointing out areas that need more money or where expenses may be cut.
  • Guarantees the effective use of financial resources, avoiding surpluses or shortages.

Project Monitoring:

  • Serves as a tool for ongoing project monitoring, allowing stakeholders to track actual costs against the budget.
  • Promotes proactive measures to address cost discrepancies and maintain financial control.

Investor Confidence:

  • Boosts investor confidence by providing a transparent and detailed account of project costs.
  • Enhances credibility with stakeholders, fostering trust and support for the project.

Risk Management:

  • Identifies potential financial risks and uncertainties, enabling the implementation of risk mitigation strategies.
  • Offers a proactive approach to addressing unforeseen challenges that may impact the project's financial health.

Prestige King County

Type Plots
Project Stage Prelaunch
Location Rajapura, Bangalore
Builder Prestige Group
Floor Plans 30*40,30*50 & 40*60 Plots
Price Updated Soon
Total Land Area Not Available
Total Units Upcoming
Size Range Onrequest
Approvals NA
Launch Date Not Available
Pre-launch Date Coming Soon
Completion Date 5 years from launch
Possession Date NA

Await the grand opening of Prestige Kings County Cost Sheet, an opulent planned community by Prestige Group in Bangalore's Rajapura Electronic City. This 80-acre property provides duplex residences, villas, palaces, and plots.With its alluring promises of a luxurious lifestyle, Prestige Kings County has drawn more than 800 happy clients to this premier real estate location. A deeper financial analysis is coming soon—stay tuned for the Cost Sheet.

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