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A flexible payment plan is anticipated to be introduced by Prestige Kings County, a renowned development by Prestige Group in Rajapura Electronic City, Bangalore, in order to accommodate a range of consumer needs. Although the payment plan's exact features are still unknown, Prestige Group is renowned for providing a range of programs to improve customers' shopping experiences.

Prestige Kings County accepts the following possible payment methods:

Construction-Linked Plan: Project milestones related to construction are used to determine payment amounts. The payments are made in installments as the construction is completed.

Plan for Down Payment: Provides an upfront lump sum payment with possible incentives or reductions. offers financial advantages to individuals who may afford a substantial down payment.

Deferred Payment Plan: Clients have the option to pay some amounts in advance and save the rest till they receive the item. provides financial flexibility while building a structure.

These programs are carefully considered and completed in conjunction with financial institutions; customer eligibility is a requirement for approval. Prestige Group is known for revealing its alluring installment plans at high-profile occasions such as the "Prestige Group Keys Event," a major yearly event in South India's real estate industry.

The programs that were unveiled at Prestige KEYS 2020 are noteworthy in the interim, as we wait to learn the details of the Prestige Kings County payment plan. Among them were:

  • Ready Homes: a 12-month EMI protection period for finished projects.
  • Under Construction: On certain ongoing projects, 24 months of EMI shielding.
  • Plots & Villas: 25% of the total cost should be paid up front; for some projects, the remaining amount should be paid upon possession.

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