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Prestige Kings County, located in the burgeoning suburb of Jigani, South Bangalore, presents an enticing opportunity for those seeking residential plots. This prestigious development offers a harmonious blend of modern amenities, strategic location, and an exceptional living environment. Let’s delve into the specifics of what makes the residential plots at Prestige Kings County a prime choice for prospective homeowners and investors.

The Allure of Residential Plots

Residential plots offer a unique advantage over pre-constructed homes by providing the freedom to design and build a home tailored to personal preferences. Prestige Kings County takes this a step further by offering plots that come with a plethora of premium amenities and facilities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for its residents.

Plot Sizes and Flexibility

Prestige Kings County offers a variety of plot sizes to suit different needs and budgets. The sizes range from 1200 square feet to over 2400 square feet. This flexibility allows buyers to choose a plot that fits their requirements, whether they are looking for a compact space or a larger area for more expansive home designs.

Modern Infrastructure and Amenities

1. Roads and Connectivity
The project features well-planned infrastructure, including wide, well-paved roads that facilitate smooth traffic flow within the community. The internal roads range from 25 to 40 feet in width, ensuring ease of movement and accessibility.

2. Utilities
Prestige Kings County ensures that all essential utilities are in place, including water and sanitary connections, underground sewerage systems, and electric overhead lines. These amenities are designed to provide residents with a hassle-free living experience.

3. Green Spaces
The development includes ample green spaces, parks, and gardens that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the community and provide residents with places to relax and enjoy nature. The presence of jogging tracks and walking paths encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.

4. Recreational Facilities
Residents will have access to a range of recreational facilities, including a clubhouse, swimming pools, sports courts, and children’s play areas. These amenities ensure that there is something for everyone, making it a vibrant community for families.

Strategic Location in Jigani

1. Proximity to IT Hubs
Jigani’s strategic location makes it an attractive residential area for professionals working in Bangalore’s major IT hubs. The proximity to Electronic City, one of the largest electronic industrial parks in India, means that commuting to work is convenient and time-saving.

2. Educational Institutions
The area around Prestige Kings County is home to several reputed educational institutions, ranging from schools to colleges. This ensures that families with children have access to quality education within a short distance from their homes.

3. Healthcare Facilities
Jigani is well-served by various healthcare facilities, including multi-specialty hospitals and clinics. This provides residents with access to top-notch medical care without having to travel far.

4. Shopping and Entertainment
The locality offers a variety of shopping and entertainment options. Residents can enjoy easy access to malls, retail outlets, restaurants, and entertainment centers, making it a convenient place to live.

Investment Potential

1. Appreciation in Property Value
Investing in residential plots in Prestige Kings County is not just about building a home; it is also a sound investment decision. Jigani is a rapidly developing area, and the ongoing infrastructural developments are likely to lead to significant appreciation in property values.

2. Rental Income Opportunities
Given its strategic location and proximity to IT hubs and educational institutions, plots in Prestige Kings County also offer excellent rental income opportunities. This makes it an attractive option for investors looking to generate regular rental income.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Living

Prestige Kings County is committed to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly living. The project includes rainwater harvesting systems, efficient waste management practices, and extensive green spaces. These initiatives help reduce the environmental impact and create a healthier living environment for residents.

Security and Community Living

1. Gated Community
The gated community offers enhanced security, with 24/7 surveillance and controlled access points. This ensures that residents feel safe and secure at all times.

2. Community Engagement
Prestige Kings County is designed to foster a sense of community among its residents. With planned social spaces and community events, residents can enjoy a vibrant and inclusive community life.

The Unmatched Flexibility of Residential Plots

Investing in residential plots at Prestige Kings County offers unparalleled flexibility that pre-constructed homes simply cannot match. Buyers have the freedom to design their homes from the ground up, tailoring every detail to their personal tastes and needs. This flexibility extends to architectural style, interior layout, landscaping, and even the incorporation of eco-friendly features such as solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems. For many, this level of customization is a significant advantage, allowing them to create a living space that truly reflects their lifestyle and aspirations. Additionally, the ability to expand or modify the structure over time provides a dynamic living experience that can evolve with changing family needs and preferences.


Prestige Kings County in Jigani offers an exceptional opportunity to invest in residential plots that promise a high quality of life and excellent long-term value. The flexibility of plot sizes, coupled with modern infrastructure, premium amenities, and a strategic location, makes it an ideal choice for both homebuyers and investors. Embrace the chance to build your dream home in one of South Bangalore’s most promising residential destinations and enjoy a lifestyle of comfort, convenience, and community.

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